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For this month, the SOUNDS team has mainly concentrated in what YOU want. We are constantly examining your comments and opinions (which luckily come in the masses). Whether the team opinionates about the main features, the best album release, their favorite track in the Spin That Disk section or who will end up being our main Breaking Sound, there is only one opinion that matters more than all of ours - yours. We are all in agreement that the content that ends up on your smartphone or tablet has to be original, informative and engaging but above all, innovative. I was recently approached by the former head of a print magazine who told me; 'When I was editor-in-chief we did things like this...' After a few months running this, the biggest music magazine app out there, this really got me thinking: apart from words and images, we really do not have much in common with a print title. We are doing things very differently, and I'm proud of that. The simple fact that you are reading this means that you're open to the many features, innovations and possibilities that separate SOUNDS from 'old media'. It also means that we are much more capable of communicating with you, our audience, and therefore much more capable of changing things to suit you. And we're listening - thanks for your feedback! We have already made a few changes to the layout of the mag and we're planning a few more changes in the near future. We've really tried to come up with more instigating features and ideas as well as emphasizing the classic features that you've come to fall in love with. We have now clearly outlined the Main Features, which this month include the relenting Mystery Jets, the emotional brilliance of Perfume Genius, pop punk princes Mayday Parade and of course, the pioneers of the new MixPop generation - the groundbreaking Two Door Cinema Club. We have also developed our Breaking SOUNDS section, leaded by the super-energetic Reptar, where you will find some of the most arousing new music out there - the artists, album and track we were most thrilled to dig up this month. After Frank Ocean's shocking but admirable apparent coming out (just in time for his album release) we take a look at how artists' sexualities have affected their careers in the past and we ask, 'Does it now pay to come out?' in our Close-Up section. You can find all this and much more in this, SOUNDS #5. Please enjoy and, as always, give us your feedback. After all, you are part of our team.

Andrew Phillips Editor-In-Chief

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    Two Door Cenima Club Mystery Jets Perfume Genius Mayday Parade Reptar Kylala Grange S.C.U.M The Price of Honesty
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    Andrew Phillipp
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    M Interactive
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