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With this, our biggest issue yet, SOUNDS # 3 is even more crowded with profiles, features, reviews, and all the other music enlightenment that you might find necessary for the whole of this coming month. As always, we take a detailed perspective at some of the best acts in the music world of today; form a thorough look at the hectic career of the god-like, all-conquering cover stars Florence + the Machine to a fully-comprehensive introduction to Alabama Shakes' pioneering burst into the scene and their blossoming presence within the industry. Also, The Wombats and The Futureheads discuss their decade-long careers and Australian super-group The Jezabels talk world domination, their early beginnings and erm... Slipknot. The brilliant Morning Parade, one of the best bands to come out of the UK recently, share their favorite apps and the fresh-faced French duo Singtank prove sibling acts can still be convincingly authentic. This month we also introduce the boisterously charming Brad Oberhofer and his Brooklyn-based indie-rock band, they even get the honor of holding the SOUNDS mascots Apple and Blackberry, as they grace our all new 'Breaking SOUNDS' section, which singles out the brightest talent emerging from the musical shadows and deservingly into the spotlight. Plus, if you're planning on visiting a festival this year, you can get the very best evaluation of the biggest festivals going on this year in our 'Close-up Section' as well. So there you go, please read/watch/listen on and as ever, we hope you enjoy.

Music Editor : Andrew Phillips

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    Florence + The Machine Future Heads SingTank The Wombats Morning Parade The Jezabels Alabama Shakes The Best Festivals of 2012
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