Project Week 14 —

We take a close look at Bill De Blasio as New York's new mayor. His election could become the biggest test yet of a recent revival of liberalism in American political life. In a special focus on movies in this issue, we have interviews with 3 great actors: Robert De Niro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jude Law. On tech we look at how we might control the computers of the future. And we have a great feature on Chinese tech firms investing small fortunes on US startups like Snapchat as they strive to gain a foothold in Silicon Valley. We also went to the Dublin Web Summit and showcase two startups - CubeSensors and Ubooly. In Work/Life, we consider how increasingly specialist computers are becoming cheaper than labor; and the opportunities for elite graduates in tech. Need a break! - hop on a Harley in Nevada or spend some time in Piedmont. Enjoy a whole album of curated music from the fantastic team at Sounds magazine, and look back at over 50 years of the music of the iconic Lou Reed.

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    30 Second Start-up Robert De Niro BILL DE BLASIO Piedmont in Autumn Life on a Harley Auto Inspired Fashion Lives On Drive To Distraction Jude the mature
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    Project - Project Week 14  Project - Project Week 14  Project - Project Week 14  Project - Project Week 14  Project - Project Week 14  Project Week 14  Project - Project Week 14

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